Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Basement Puff Back

Puff backs can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home or business. Just when you think you are ready for the weather winter brings, You turn the heat on and your house starts to look like the inside of the oven

Chimney Fire

With outrageously cold weather in our area over the last few weeks , we have had numerous chimney and fire calls. This one had a raccoon stuck in the chimney causing massive soot damage to the home.

Mud Room Fire

Fire is a very dangerous thing. Especially when it starts in your mud room and starts to destroy everything. This photo  above shows what happens when a fire starts inside your house.  

Smoke Damage

This is the source of loss at a residential job we were called into over the weekend. The type of loss was smoke. SERVPRO was able to come in and get right to work restoring the home back to its before damage state

Stove Fire

When looking at this loss photo you may think "Everything looks fine" but in reality when you leave the chicken boiling he wants to run. Here we have a smoke loss due to overcooking on the stove top.

Fire Loss

Here we have a fire loss in Mt. Pocono, The house was a rental home and the furnace was left on for over 3 months. After month of neglect the pilot light caught fire burning up part of the house